Personalized Scientific Supplements

Supplements are readily available; from your local pharmacy, celebrity endorsements, to your Instagram, supplements aren’t anything new – but what makes some more effective than others? Why do some feel the positive effect of supplements, but others report no noticeable difference?

Your daily tablet – whether it be Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, or a blend of nutrients you think you need – might not actually be what your body currently requires to feel better. You need to find out what is causing your symptoms in the first place. Diagnostics is key to determining what your body is missing. Let’s say you would like to improve your immune system and were advised to take large quantities of vitamin C. Sure, it is scientifically proven to increase our immune response, but it doesn’t mean that you are actually lacking vitamin C. Weakened immunity can have many root causes, from gastrointestinal disbalance to poor thyroid function. Wouldn’t it be more effective to go straight to the source? Finding out the root cause of the issue is the best way to reach a desirable result.

Once you have established the biochemical pathways that need to be supplemented, navigating the wide variety of options can be tricky. Selection of correct active ingredient with precise potency that’s right for you will be crucial in receiving the desirable effect. That is why we are passionate about creating personalized scientific supplements – the highest calibre of vitamins available tailor made to fit your biochemical reactions. 

We believe that not all medicine is good for everyone. Everybody’s bodies work in different ways due to different environmental and genetic factors, and so only specialised medicine can directly and quickly target the weak spots in your deficiencies, and in your overall health spectrum. Designed around your test results, personalized scientific supplements are not a generic formula made for everyone, and instead, are formulated directly for you, to manage and balance your specific needs and imbalances. By testing which markers are struggling, scientists and health specialists will start at the drawing board – creating your unique formulation. 

Personalized scientific supplements are the future of medicine, directly and accurately targeting deficiencies in specialised formulas designed for you, and why would we want anything less?

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