Ridge Club is one of the most advanced genetics laboratories in the world

We specialize in the field studying disease prevention and epigenetics, and we use that knowledge to focus on equalizing the triggered DNA to make healthy performance your baseline. We also create our own genetic panels, making gene testing easier to carry out, and easier to read.

What makes Ridge Club
leagues ahead of everybody else?

We treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Why try and fix something that’s already happened when we can stop it from happening in the first place? Ridge Club is designed to tackle problems from the root, so we can manage faulty genes and avoid illnesses like diabetes, or even genetically inherited diseases.

Ridge Club is the only clinic that houses every step in the process under one roof
From every specialist who advises on your health portfolio, to every piece of high-tech equipment used to create your tailor-made supplements – it’s all performed in-house. Further to that, every single one of our specialists are present on case meetings, ensuring a truly 360 degree approach to each client.


We’re in it for the long haul
Your health is something you need for the entirety of your life, and we’re prepared to help you along every step of the way. Through regular and continuous lab testing and constant evaluation of results, we adjust our personalized treatment protocols as you need them – even if you didn’t know it yet.


You’re unique, which is why we treat you as such
You aren’t like anybody else, which is why we develop and produce treatments made especially for you – and you alone – based on your results. Using natural ingredients, we tailor-make vital supplements that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.


Our tailored Prevention Program is specialized to you. Each formulation is created, tested, and produced based on your results – so you can get the most out of your health, and therefore, out of life.

We make scientific supplements. Having an in-depth understanding of biochemical reactions allows us to choose and combine active forms of natural ingredients that addresses the root cause of the problem, rather than just suppressing the symptoms. We make sure you are consuming only what you need, to maximise your health potential.

In a world of generalization
and mass production, we make specifics

Whether you’re looking to increase your sport performance, fertility, or manage your stress, we have programs dedicated to these causes that will be tailored to you. If you’re worried about getting older or preventing chronic diseases that run in the family – we have that covered too.

Together we’ll determine your health goals and what you want out of wellness every quarterly, so we’re checking in with you every step of the way.

Health Manager

In our multi-dynamic lives, it’s hard enough to stay on top of everything, which is why it’s our job to check in and manage your health for you. Our confidential and discrete service ensures that you stay on track to help you achieve your health targets, and stay motivated too.

Not only will your personal Health Manager control timeframes and logistics, but we will also check up on your intake, coach you through uphill climbs, and constantly evaluate and curate the right program for you.

our job to check in
and manage your health for you

If you live in Switzerland, our team will be happy to visit you in the comfort of your home to perform the diagnostics needed for biochemical testing, so whether you’re too busy to come to us, or unsure about being in a new environment, your health and comfort is paramount to us – always.

Our team takes complete charge of managing your checks and controlling your biochemical markers, and your Health Manager will assist you at every stage in your journey to ultimate health.

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