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As humankind has progressed throughout the ages, we have increased our lifespan immensely, and it is a common goal for us to endeavour to live longer and healthier lives. Standardised modern medicine has been pivotal in helping us achieve these goals, but the more we learn, the more we realise that a one-size-fits-all approach is not always worthwhile. Due to our expert knowledge in genetics, we know for a fact that everybody is different – so why are we treating all people the same?

As the pharmaceutical industry works today, it works hard to treat your symptoms and alleviate your pain. For us at Ridge Club, that is not enough. Instead of trying to turn back the clock after illness, we specialise in preventing illness in the first place. By assessing each and every client’s unique genetic code and monitoring their specific bio-markers, we uncover personalised knowledge in what to expect from our bodies in the future, and how to ensure you live the healthiest lives and reach your full physical power.

is our job to accompany you every step of the way, by creating a series of supplements that are tailored to your exact needs every quarterly – so we can prevent chronic disease, avoid inherited illnesses, and help you reach your full potential. Like nature intended.


Ridge Club is not like any other member’s club you’ve encountered before. It’s designed to help those who care about their health as much as we do – who know that health and wellbeing is a lifestyle, and not a quick fix. We are the only clinic in the world that houses all facilities under one roof: research, testing, diagnostics, writing formulations, and production are all performed in-house.
From your personal Health Manager who greets you with a smile, to our scientists formulating the right natural ingredients for you, to our Director overseeing each and every patient, we all work together efficiently and effectively to optimise your greatest asset – your health.

Located on the premises of the Swiss Center for Genetics, we have access to the latest research, cutting-edge equipment, and the right people who see answers where others see unsolvable problems.

Our Team is committed to bridging the latest science with our passion for healthcare, to create personalized programs for each of our Members to live a lifestyle of exceptional health and ultimate wellness.

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