Why ‘Health’ Is Different For Different People

The medical industry as it is today currently treats us as we are – humans. If we have a headache, we take a painkiller; if we break a bone, we get a cast; but the majority of the time, what the medical industry does not take into account is our own personal genetic codes.

Yes, we are all human beings, and most of us have all the same organs – but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should all be treated the same. What works health wise for one, may not work for another, and that is pre-determined by our innate genetic coding.

This is what Ridge Club has set out to achieve. After years of experience from their parent clinic, RClin, Ridge Club genetically tests your genes to see what you’re missing – so you don’t have to continue taking a painkiller every time you have a migraine. The real question is: Why are you getting those migraines in the first place? Genetics has the answer.

This is the future of medicine: genetics.

Individual genetic coding determines how we live our lives, and what “health” means to us. It determines why some people lose or gain weight more easily than others; it determines how quickly our metabolism runs; it determines whether we are more likely to succumb to certain illnesses later in life based on our pre-dispositions – and why should we medically treat all people the same if it doesn’t serve us?

A Paleo diet may benefit some, while the high meat content might trigger an increase of cholesterol in others. Just because it is deemed “healthy,” does not mean it will be healthy for you. The point is: there is no one right answer. It’s highly specific and differs wildly depending on the person – because we are not all the same.

Another factor is that your health and body is changing all the time. Staying on one medical pathway is likely not going to help you in the long run, because it’s not staying up to date with your constantly developing DNA. Ridge Club re-evaluates your genetics every three months, and tweaks your unique supplements depending on what your body needs at that very moment.

By testing your individual genetic code, Ridge Club can determine what the best health journey is for you, and you alone – because you’re not like anyone else. You’re unique, and your journey to health reflects that uniqueness. It’s time to stop blindly following health fads in the search for true wellness, and it’s time to start looking closer to home. This, genetic testing, is the future of health and well-being.

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