Alinghi Red Bull Are Creating The Yacht Of The Future

The Swiss are known for their precision in engineering: the watch industry, the locomotive industry – and surprisingly, the sailing world. You might be mistaken for thinking that the Swiss would know little about ocean sailing, considering being a land-locked country, but it’s quite the opposite. The national Swiss team have previously competed in the America’s Cup, the most prestigious sailing competition in the world, and have won it – twice. They were the first European team to ever win the Auld Mug (as it’s affectionately known), and the first ever team to win it on the first try. Alinghi also regularly compete in international regattas around the world in D35’s, a small yet mighty boat that wins race after race.

Alinghi is world-renowned for not only their high calibre of boat building (manufactured right here at home) but also their sailing expertise on the water, and it takes a good amount of both to win such a challenging yet exciting regatta.

After rolling up their America’s Cup sails in 2010, Alinghi is back in the game, and this time with a formidable partner. Red Bull have decided to take on the toughest competition in sailing, and have chosen the Swiss team to win it with.

According to new regatta rules,
the team must be 100% Swiss, which works in our favour considering we Swiss are determined and don’t do things by halves.

With the engineering help from Red Bull using their Formula 1 technology, Alinghi Red Bull are in the process of building the most high-tech, forward-reaching sailing yacht ever made, using cutting-edge design techniques – all dreamt up and made on the shores of Lac Leman.

The boat will reach – and surpass – speeds of over 100 km/h, a dangerous and adrenaline-inducing speed, with the crew decked in impact vests and hard helmets in case of collision. The boat will feature canting foils allowing the boat to fly above the water, managed by an onboard “flight controller” – a very different way of sailing compared to just 5 years ago.

Between the impeccable nature of Swiss design and engineering expertise, our national passion for sailing, and the team’s talent, determination, and grit, Alinghi Red Bull are looking forward to taking home the America’s Cup once more and returning to their post of being the best in the world. Yes, the land-locked countrymen: the Swiss – sailing world champions.

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