Why Optimising Your Metabolism Will Enhance Your Well-Being

A lot of us think that if we’ve had an indulgent holiday, a big weekend out, or even an extravagant meal, that heading to the gym or a HIIT class will help even out the calories.

And it’s true, going to the gym, doing cardio, doing strength training does help burn calories – but not as many as you think. In fact, your designated “working out” time really only accounts for a minimal number of the calories you burn every day.

Only about 5% of your daily calories are burnt through E.A.T. (Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) but around 70% of your daily calories are burnt through your Basal Metabolic Rate – your metabolism.

You can exercise plenty – but it’s almost like a drop in the ocean compared to your metabolism, or even your N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), which consists of walking, standing up, or even fidgeting throughout the day. This is why walking or having a standing desk is better for weight loss – and overall health – than trying to hit it hard at the gym every day. The amount of effort people think they’re putting into their exercise regimen only accounts for 5% of calories burned – while your N.E.A.T. accounts for over triple that. Taking the stairs or walking to work will not only help you lose more weight in the long term than your high-impact gym class, but it’s also more mentally sustainable. If you’re tiring yourself out with gym classes every day but not seeing any results, you’re much more likely to give it up than simply walking places instead of sitting on the bus. We want to remain active as much as possible – but both your E.A.T and your N.E.A.T. pale in comparison to your metabolism.

Your metabolism is the process that converts your ingested calories into energy to help assist chemical processes in the body. These things include digestion, breathing, body temperature, and heart rate among others – all these things don’t really fluctuate, and will continue to burn calories even if you’re sick at home in bed all day, but it is possible to improve them, and that’s simply by living a healthy lifestyle that is best for you. But what wellness routine is best for you? Us at Ridge Club can find that out through genetic testing.

If your digestive system isn’t working to the best of its ability, your B.M.R. (Basal Metabolic Rate) will automatically be lower, which will cause you to lose less calories during the day – and therefore make it easier for you to gain weight. This is why people who have a fast metabolism can eat a lot of food and not gain weight easily – it’s because their body is working at their optimum capacity.

There are a lot of factors that come into why our bodies aren’t as efficient as they could be, and by testing our DNA, and seeing what illnesses or factors we are pre-disposed to, can help us maintain a healthy weight, which in turn improves our health… which in turn helps us maintain a healthy body weight and improve our health – it’s like a positive catch-22.

So instead of getting stuck in that same yo-yo dieting routine and making unhealthy lifestyle choices, why not take control of your well-being once and for all? Your body wants to work at its very best, but sometimes we need to figure out what it needs and give it a helping hand, so that we can work together in unison to achieve our greatest potential.

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